An Ordinary Couple Banks $250,000 In The First 12 Months Of Online BusinessÖStarting From ScratchÖWith ZERO ExperienceÖ

Here Is The Step-by-Step Blueprint Of Their Well Guarded Secret About Automatic Online Money Making System That They Stumbled Across After 5 Years Of Desperate Search And Spending $100,000 Of Their Own CASH.


Cash-On-Autopilot, A System That Makes You Money When You Sleep. Andrew and Daryl Used This Very Same System To Get Them From 7 Days A Week Full-time Job To Financial Freedom and Worldwide Recognition.

Here Is The Step-by-Step Blue Print Of This Success Formula That You Can Copy To Create Your Own Fortune.... It Does Not Matter If Itís Recession.....And This Is 100% Risk-Free To You Ö....

$8000 per Month in Less Than 12 Months

ďThanks Andrew and Daryl! Last year I was very busy, tired and frazzled running two busy naturopath clinics and raising a young family. Since following your system I now make an extra passive $8000 per month, I have sold my clinics, paid my mortgage off, brought a new car, renovated my kitchen, and spend more time with my kids. All in less than 12 months!Ē

Liz Noble, Hornby, Sydney


Dear Friend,

Daryl and Andrew, a couple from Australia, admits that they were technophobes, they didnít know how to build online websites, but still they went on to bank $250k in the first 12 months of their online business and reached their financial independence. They have built a multi-million dollar internet business since then, but guess what, they admit they still donít know how to build a website. So what that means is you donít need to be an expert to be successful in doing what they did.

When they started few years ago it was not easy for them. After 5 years and spending almost $100,000 they ultimately found the perfect online business that worked for them. This was a closely guarded secret, but now they are going to share the secrets of the same extraordinary online business system that has made them $250,000 in the first 12 months and then millions afterwards. Here is the step-by-step blue print that you can copy to achieve the same success as Andrew and Daryl but the good part is you donít have to wait 5 years and spend tons of money to find a system that works, it is Right Here!

Before I go any further let me tell you that ANYONE can do this because this required ZERO experience. You can work from YOUR HOME Or anywhere you like. all you need is a computer with an internet connection...If Andrew and Daryl can make millions online without knowing anything technical You can too..

Just to be clear upfront, this is NOT a Multi Level Marketing (MLM).. NOT Share trading or Foreign Exchange trading ...., Also you DO NOT need to speak to anyone on the phone..or personally sell anything.. You Donít have to work hard, because it runs on Autopilot, and takes around 1 hr/day to maintain..

Now before I reveal Cash-On-Autopilot let me tell you how Andrew and Daryl discovered this amazing system.

Here is their story:

Few years ago they were self-employed working 7 Days a week. They worked really hard for what they earned because they were exchanging money for hrs, and there are only so many hours in a day. They didnít have sick leaves or holidays, they worked their socks off to make a decent living...If they didnít work they didnít get paid.

When Daryl became pregnant... The couple thought enough was enough..

"There Must Be A Better Way To Achieve
Financial Freedom"

They realized what they were doing would never get them where they wanted to be, give them the lifestyle they wanted.They also realized they need a passive income system so they donít trade hrs against money..
But the big question was-HOW?
They set a target of 5 years to find an answer.

"They Tried Their Hands On Almost EVERYTHING"

They got involved in real estate investment, but realized the return was mainly long term and was not helping them to pay their bills in the short term. They tried stock market and also Foreign Exchange, but no exception there either..AGAIN the effort was more than they were prepared to put in and the rewards were little...

Even After Trying Hard For 41/2 Years Things
Did Not Change At All

They were still looking for a passive income system that will make them at least $10,000/month. They still couldnít quit their jobs working 7 days a week and they had two kids to raise..Things were not looking very promising.

They were attending many seminars and workshops in search of a better way to make money and live their dream lifestyle...Admittedly they spend $100k in the process buying business packs and investing wherever they thought they would get the return..but they were disappointed..

At last ONE DAY they attended a seminar about online business opportunities where they came to know about a passive income system, which can earn ANYONE thousands of dollars a week. Also they came to know that there are thousands of people around the world that are becoming wealthy using passive income system, however one needs to know the secret of how to do this..

They learnt that this system -

- ANYONE can learn the system and DO this, it doesnít require an IT expert.
- No need to talk to anyone, or personally sell to anyone, or even store products to ship them out.
- Money could be made within half-an hour of launching the business.
- Money will flow in round the clock even when they sleep.

They Couldnít Believe What They Heard -
It Was Too Good To Be True..

But they decided to give it a go.. They followed the simple steps shown in the seminar and managed to pull in US$300 in two days, without any prior experience. ..They got really excited at their success. This proved to them that it is not difficult, but one needs to know HOW to do it.

It involved NO HARD work, they were working only a few hours every week ..The business running almost on AutoPilot they made money while they slept.

Imagine How Would You Feel Like Waking Up To
Extra $US500 Or So In Your Bank Account?

They didnít stop there, using their experience, and investing their money and time they made this business model even simpler and more effective, and produced a MODEL that is Step-by-Step and ANYONE can use to achieve the success that they did.. Using this model they pulled in $US250,000 in the first 12 month. And it delivers them HUGE 7 FIGURE Passive Income Year after Year...

At Last They Could Quit Their Day Jobs

They now have the excellent lifestyle they always wanted...they can spend as much time as they want with their children..

You Can do the same-leave your DAY JOB May be you donít have to BUT you will be earning enough money to do that....

Now Let Me PROVE It To You What Sort Of Money
It Makes... Day After Day After Day..

Hereís a screen shot of their accounts showing how much they made from just one product..

All figures shown in US dollars. (US Dollars is the currency of Online Business,
remember they do business from Australia)

Yes! That is US $3048.98 in just more than 2 weeks..remember they have their customers from all the continents ....and they DO NOT have to ship products to them, no packaging posting cost, because it all happens on-line automatically, they get money deposited in their account..

Letís look at the money they pulled in from another product:

Day in day out money pours in..they donít even have to do runs on autopilot and that is the good thing about this system..

So What Is This Secret Business Model?

Imagine a system that GUARANTEES every time that your IDEA will be profitable and will sell online...Not only that it will be a ĎMUST HAVEí for many people who will become your customers and will pay you huge sums to money to get their hands on your product....It becomes an Online money making machine for you. Once you know what sales quickly and easily online......recession would not affect it.. You will learn how easy it is to develop such a product with the online resources available at minimal or no cost..
Now, What if i tell you that you can have your hands on this proven On-Line business model almost instantly. Woudnít that be excellent to be able to follow step-by-step what they exactly they exactly did to make US$250,000 in only 12 Months. Wouldnít it be fantastic if you DONT have to wait another 5 yrs and spend lots of money to learn this system.
Let me surprise you I have just that for you. Andrew and Daryl shared their secret business model with a hand few people. But that is going to change for you, because you can have this information too, and copy their business model to make yourself a fortune online and live your dreams.

So What US$250,000/yr Will Do For You?.....

You do not have to worry about your finances anymore, buy the cars or holidays you always will have the freedom to spend most of the time with your family if you choose to, or do things that you like..and thatís just working a few hrs a week..

Just review the information I am going to send to you, this can open doors to the life that you only have dreamt about..I PROMISE if you take action this can change life for yourself and your family..
All you have to do is make a decision whether you want to change your life for good..and
completely forget about financial worries..Not only money, imagine what comes with it..FREEDOM...Freedom to do whatever you like to do...whenever you like to do..a HUGE
difference in the quality of you life..
Let me be very clear, this is not going to make you a millionaire overnight, but it can bring you lots of money that can make real difference in a few months time working only a few hours a week from your home..

Imagine how it would feel like to own your dream car.. imagine how it would be like spending time with your family in the sunny beaches in the Caribbean..or imagine owning your dream home that you always wanted..whatever your dream is this business can help you achieve that...

DON’T WASTE THIS OPPORTUNITY...You don’t want to repent on passing on this opportunity rather you would like to look back and feel glad that you made the right decision..

So if you are serious about making a real difference in you life..please take this seriously......

What you are going to read now will make you speechless.....





So you will receive LIVE DVD recording of this closed door seminar with Andrew and Daryl where they reveal their business model step-by-step so it is easy for anyone to follow and be successful online..

You don’t need to have special skills or any experience...ONLY need a computer and an internet connection, and most importantly you need to take action on the step by step method that Daryl and Andrew teaches you...

You can watch this valuable information at the comfort of your home, as many times as you want so you don’t miss any bit of information...

If you already have used this product or have been to this seminar you know the quality of this information..and People who implemented this model have already made huge sums of money just following these simple techniques...

What do you to need to make this work for you?

This information is so powerful that you have a GUARANTEE.. if you think the information is not worth 10 times more than what you pay for this..You return it within 30 Days and get 100% refund all your money..

So This Is Completely RISK FREE To You..


You don’t have to pay a penny for Trying This Information..


"Is There A GUARANTEE This Will Work For me?"


I know you will be skeptical and I don’t blame you for that. These days you will find loads of quick money making systems available on-line. BUT Let me be very honest here and tell you that this is NOT a GET RICH QUICK formulae that will quickly make you thousands of pounds, In fact this can ONLY happen if you take action and implement what you learn in this material. I Guarantee you if you follow the method step-by-step and take the actions this will blow your mind in terms of what you can achieve for yourself..

The potential of this system is HUGE...You can earn what Andrew and Daryl have earned if you follow their blue print, even may be 50% of what they have achieved which is US$125,000.. which wouldn’t be too bad I guess.

If you are still reading, you have made the right choice, and surely you are one of those who would like to make a real difference in their lives..This system can give you financial independence.

What Andrew and Daryl teaches has benefited so many others:

“1.2 Million Dollar Website – Attributed to Andrew and Daryl’s Coaching”

Ian Marsh, Sydney


“RECORD BREAKING TIME!!! JUST 4 Days – Starting from scratch! ”

Jason Urbanowicz, Brisbane


SO What Are you Getting..

You Are Getting The Information That Took Andrew and
Daryl 5 years and $100,000 To Find Out..


The price of this information has to be immense, because you don’t go through any of that. You get this information instantly for a miniscule price that can change your life the same way it did for Andrew and Daryl.., if you take action NOW.
With the help of this information you can start on a journey to your financial freedom - no debt, no financial worries..You can really decide how to live the rest of your can work when you can go on holidays with your family whenever and wherever you like.... because you will have the FREEDOM to Choose.



"How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?"


How much are you going to charge to handover this little known, proven business model that makes over $US 250,000 in a year, working a few hours per week?
Remember that this video was recorded LIVE at a business seminar in Australia attended by hundreds. The secret was revealed to these people attended the seminar, and NOW you do not need to go to Australia to attend the next seminar, you do not have to spend thousands of pounds to get there OR pay anything near the value of attending this workshop..

An hour of Andrew and Daryl will possibly cost you how about $1000?



I am sure you’ll agree $250 will be a bargain.

Remember Andrew and Daryl spend more than $100K and 5 years of effort before they actually found out this business that they are going to explain to you step-by-step you don’t have to spend such money and importantly time figuring out what works and what does not...You can start immediately your online business..

REMEMBER that the secrets revealed in this seminar have helped people double, triple their income and be financially independent. In fact many people have made millions using these information and tips.

You will be pleased to know I am not going to charge you $250,

I am also not going to charge you $150, and NOT even $100. So here is the deal..

This will cost you ONLY a miniscule $77 ..BUT this will be for a limited period, so I can only GUARANTEE this price if you act quickly..

If that doesn’t excite you, I would like to make this offer irresistible to you. I GUARANTEE this will blow your mind. What you are getting here is extremely high quality information that is going to CHANGE YOUR LIFE..


‘Marketing Master Class’ - 2 DVD +1 CD Set
Value $197


If you are doing business online you will want to attract your potential customers who are looking for the product that you are selling. However how well you do that will decide the fate of your business..whether you win it or lose it.

Here is the a definitive guide on how to use the world’s most popular search engine to market your product and reach out to those customers that will make your business pull in HUGE profits.

This is a MUST HAVE information for all online marketer. I will be sending you two DVD’s which captures a live workshop presentation showing how to use the most powerful advertising tool on the internet to the advantage of your business and be successful online.

I will also provide a CD with tools and resources shown in this workshop so you have access to them.
The Sucess or failure of an Online Business depends on how many visitors you can attract to your website who will then buy your products or services. Here is a list of few things that you will discover in extremely powerful package :

I would run out of space if I start to list all the benefits of this pack, so I kept it short. I GUARANTEE you will call me stupid because I am giving this to you ABSOLUTELY FREE after you receive this pack and discover how valuable this information is.


‘Beginner’s Guide to Internet Riches’
Value $37


If you are fed up of working nine-To-five, 5-6 days a week, and looking for opportunity to start earning from the comfort of home earning a full time income ..this e-book will provide a simple and easy guide on how to start your own online business in under 1 Hour..Because it runs on auto-pilot you make monthly residual income every month..

You will know about the following from the FREE ebook:


‘Millionaire Marketing Mindset - Are You Ready
For The Real Secrets To Online Success’
Value $37


If you are not earning a minimum $100k a year you really need to read this e-book. This will transform your personal and business life, and set you apart from the rest.


There are people who are extremely successful and I am talking about making millions and there are people who fail year after year in their businesses. There are very specific things that these successful people do differently from the ones that fail. It will surely get you excited that this ebook will give the information what these hugely successful people do differently.

This is a GOLD MINE of invaluable information.

And Much, Much, Much More . . .

I GUARANTEE that this book will have a very POSITIVE effect in your personal and business growth.


Surprise Bonus
Worth $37



If you order this TODAY I PROMISE to send to you a Surprise Product that will, I GUARANTEE, blow your mind. This product is FULL of ideas that you can PROFIT fact there are 101 of them.


MASTER RESALE RIGHTS AND PRODUCT LICENSES to 10 *Best-Selling* Info-Products for you to SELL and KEEP 100% OF THE MONEY, PLUS Get Your Very Own WEB BUSINESS

 - This is your Internet business in a box, not 1, not 2 , not 3, in fact 10 businesses. You have 10 cash cranking products with websites, sales letters all done and ready to earn you CASH immediately.
- you Don’t have to do anything, because all the work is done for you, so you just plug this and see cash coming in

-You can put your own name on the reports, and sell them to keep the 100% profit yourself. Imagine how this can improve your credibility in the internet market.

These products will also provide you excellent information on Internet Marketing that you can learn from. Here is a little snapshot of what you are going to get from this hot information products:

- 18 ways to double your online results
- How to get more sales and better response from your email marketing campaigns
- Discover the secrets to creating fast selling, profit packed, info products that sell like crazy
- Find out how pros create the best looking sites every single time using only the best and most delicious colour schemes that'll make you drool
- The email format pro email marketing system to supercharge your email campaign
- Discover how you can get white-listed, and get your email past the spam filters giving your email campaign a whole new level
- How to start your own  profitable software index website today

And Much Much MORE!!!!

Value :  This is valued at $1370.
[Each resale right product valued at $37, and Sales Letters written by PROs , plus readymade website will cost much more than $1000.]

" Total Transformation"

“Total Transformation! In less than two months my life has been changed forever. I came knowing nothing and left totally inspired. That, you see, is the power beyond Andrew and Daryl Grantís teaching. They are master teachers!! Their awesome knowledge is broken down into bite size chunks and you end up having a feast! They are the real deal. But they donít just teach...they inspire. Andrew and Daryl Motnate you and make you believe that you can turn dreams into reality!

Their words hold you captive to the very end of each of presentation and although I have used several words here in this testimonial, only two are needed to describe this dynamic duo: The Best!!!Ē ”

Lindsay Ginn

"A No-Brainer"

“This is s no-brainer! The only decision to make is not should I go into an internet marketing business but how soon can I get started. These guys have proven that this business works and are generous enough to share their knowledge, expertise and resources to help us experience similar success in a booming, lucrative business. They have step-by-step systems to follow and a simple easy to understand way of teaching. They cover all the different aspects from techniques to identifying and removing emotional blocks which may be hindering you from achieving your financial success and dream lifestyle. ”

- Carol Hart

BUT I Don’t GUARANTEE that this incredible offer
will be around for long...

Regular Price $197 Today $77

As I promised there is NO-RISK to you..

Regular Price $197 Today $77

So you have nothing to lose by trying this, but you can lose so much by not taking this
opportunity that can really change your life forever..


So take action now and order this TODAY. Remember you are paying for the a Business system that makes US$250,00 in first 12 months, a proven and perfected business model for you so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel for successful internet business, All you have to do is just COPY the step-by-step method explained on the DVD I will provide..You will discover.


You will discover everything you need to know to set up your own automated home business:

Remember you can start this business from scratch, DO NOT need to be an IT expert, DO NOT need to have a product or a don’t need a customer data base to start ...because the information I’ll send you will show you step-by-step how easily you can do this with available resources and tools.. And ANYONE can do IT..

Regular Price $197 Today $77

So you buy this incredible offer today (which is what I recommend because this offer would not last long) ..


What you get
Cash On Autopilot
Marketing Master Class

Beginner's Guide to Internet Riches

Millionare Marketing Mindset
Surprise Bonus
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If you Buy Today you do not pay $1875, You Only pay $77.00, But this offer will be around for a very limited time only..


So what could 30 Days from today....


Either you would be where you are today, nothing changes in your life..OR you buy this product today and in 30 Days time you are on your way to make a very highly profitable Online Business...So what would you choose..Life the way it is OR Financial Freedom; remember this can literally change your life forever and..So Don’t waste this opportunity..Also remember you DON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO LOSE, because this is 100% risk-free to you..

Yes, I would like to Order Now.

I understand if I Click the Order Now button and buy
this Incredible Offer today I will receive all the FREE Bonuses: 1. Advertising Master Class Training Workshop DVD/CD set (worth $197), 2. Beginner's Guide to Internet Riches worth $37.00 ; 3. Millionaire Marketing Mindset-Are You Ready For The Real Secrets To Online Success-eBook worth $37, 4. And a Surprise Product worth $37, Master Resale Rights to 10 hot selling information products with Sales Letters written and for you to keep 100% profit valued at $1370. In Total I get products of total value $1875 .

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Regular Price $197 Today $77


You might have seen that there are no testimonials on my website, that is because Andrew and Daryl are the biggest proof that this system works, besides there are hundreds of people around the world who would claim that the this system really works who have implemented this themselves. So I would like to request you to provide me with your testimonial when you have implemented this system and gained a huge online profit from it. I hope I have your consent on this. So I look forward to hearing from you regarding YOUR ONLINE SUCCESS using this incredible and very little known online business model.


To Your Success!


Kind Regards,

Amber Gupta


P.S. Remember Cash-On-Autopilot is COMPLETELY RISK-FREE. If you are not 100% satisfied or think the information on the DVDs is any less than 10 times what you have paid, just return the package WITHIN 30 Days, and I’ll give you FULL refund without asking any questions at all...


P.S.S. YOURS FREE Get your orders to me NOW and I’ll send you the FREE BONUS gifts as promised above. All Products including free gifts is WORTH $1875.00 (but Today you pay only $77. Even if you return my product I will let you keep the Free BONUS products for your trouble.


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P.S.S.S.S. This has been proven to work, and doesn’t need any special skills to succeed, many have used this and making similar sums of money and have changed their life for good, and living their dream lifestyle...YOU CAN BE THE NEXT..So ORDER your pack NOW.

Regular Price $197 Today $77


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